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Founded 1995 in Washington DC, the Atatürk Society of America (ASA) is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, dedicated to promoting the ideals of Atatürk.

ASA understands Atatürk's political philosophy to be:

  • Sovereignty belongs to the people.
  • Public sovereignty cannot be shared with any other authority, including religious authority.
  • Secular education ensures public sovereignty and rationality in governance.
  • Secularism is essential to avoid the influence of any religion on state affairs.
  • For progress to be achieved, superstition and dogma must always yield to science and reason.
  • Freedom and the pursuit of happiness are common aspirations of humanity.
  • Representative democracy prevents abuse of power by incorporating a system of checks and balances through a constitution that includes a three-part separation of powers among a legislature, executive, and judiciary.
  • Ataturk's noble principle, "Peace at home and peace in the world," is crucial to maintaining the common good of humankind.

ASA organizes meetings and scholarly lectures, provides research fellowships, and serves as a resource for material regarding Atatürk's political philosophy. It also publishes the periodical, Voice of Atatürk, a photo journal with historical and political stories pertaining to Ataturk. On two dates approximately six months apart, May 19 and November 10, members meet in Washington, DC.



Guarding Atatürk’s Legacy
Having spent the first half of his adult life fighting invading armies and proving his invincibility as a military leader, Kemal Atatürk spent the second half creating the modern Republic of Turkey and demonstrating his extraordinary brilliance. His reforms called for governing by reason and science rather than superstition and dogma, a secular and a civilized society with social and gender equality and with freedom of thought, speech and of the press.
76 years after Atatürk’s death, as we mourn him, we are forever in debt for his gifts; the Turkish motherland and her sovereignty and reforms which enable her citizens to live in a civilized manner.

Long Live the Turkish Republic
Atatürk Society of America wishes the Turkish nation a Happy Republic Day!
We, the proud children of Atatürk, the founder of the modern Republic of Turkey, enthusiastically celebrate the 91st Anniversary of the birth of the nation.
The creation of the Turkish Republic transformed Turkey’s 623-year old operating system of governance by Sharia (Koranic Law) to one of governance by secularism and democracy; powered, not by superstition and dogma, but by science and reason. Based on the best principles of the Enlightenment, the collective psyche of the people were elevated from one a subservience to personal freedom; from servitude to equal citizenship.
Achieving secular democracy represents the ultimate reward for the people in their victory over oppressive powers… foreign and domestic, and indeed achieved against impossible odds. Symbolic of the sovereignty of the nation now are its language and flag, its national anthem and the capital, Ankara, chosen personally by Ataturk. The institutions of the republic are designed to function toward a common good, and endeavor to foster a fully independent, free and peaceful society.

Atatürk Society of America is saddened by the news of Andrew Mango's death
Holding a doctorate from the University of London, the gifted BBC journalist was known as a lifelong student of the Middle East in general, and Turkey in particular. Among his many publications is “Atatürk: the Founder of the Modern Turkey” (Outlook Press, 2000), the definitive biography of Kemal Ataturk. The 666-page book is characterized as comprehensive, incisive and balanced. On two occasions in the past Dr. Mango visited Washington, DC as the guest of the ASA and impressed us all with his erudition and personal grace.

Youth Recognized at May 19 Event in Washington, DC
This years May 19 - Youth and Sports Day event was opened with a moment of silence for the 302 miners who have lost their lives at the Soma, Turkey mine accident.
The rest of the programme included speeches by the Turkish-American youth, the Founder and President of the Ataturk Society of America. The highlight of the event was the awards ceremony during which Ata Akiner accepted a replica of the book "Nutuk" made by sculptor Jeff Hall on behalf of the youth who have organized many events to defend secularism and promote awareness of current government's attempts to diminish personal freedom, freedom of speech and the press.

First Public Statue of Atatürk in the U.S.A.
The Atatürk Society of America worked feverishly with the unusually talented local sculptor, Jeffery Hall, to produce a full-size bronze statue of Kemal Atatürk. The statue was unveiled on November 10th, 2013 at the Sheridan Circle, Washington, DC. The statue is the first public monument in the United States honoring one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century. Read full story behind the making of the Ataturk's statue...

Visit by Honorable Ince, CHP
May 19, Commemoration of Atatürk and the Youth Day celebration was enthusiastically attended by a large crowd at The Cosmos Club in Washington, DC. on May 24, 2013
Hon. Ince, Member of Parliament (CHP) was the keynote speaker. You may read about the highlights of his speech at the following websites:
Hurriyet Gazetesi
Star Gundem Gazetesi
Vatan Gazetesi
Sabah Gazetesi

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