The true issue is understanding that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk single handedly saved Turkey from being eliminated from the face of the Earth as the West had already decided that it should be divide into four quarters to be governed by hostile nations. Almost 100 years after Atatürk saved a people and created a nation, that nation remains a Muslim nation with a secular system. With Atatürk’s reforms that nation today remains not only at peace with its neighbors, but allies with its neighbors. Because of Atatürk’s reforms, Turkey today is able to speak with equal confidence with the East and the West.

It is because of Atatürk’s reforms that we have today an enlightened and educated population of Turks. In reality, Atatürk did not care who you were, who your parents were, where you were from, or what your beliefs were about. He cared that you were secure in your home, that you could read and write in a common language understood by the powers of the world, and that everyone no matter their heritage or sex, had an equal say in the governance of their country. So before the issues get confused, I ask all that are reading this writing to please reflect what in fact it means to be reading this magazine, and to passionately do whatever you can to help us further Atatürk’s mission. As you reflect, ask yourself if you are reading this magazine because your mother was given a proper education, or because you were given an exceptional math and science education in Turkey, or because you were allowed to learn English and the Latin alphabet. Ask yourself if not but for Atatürk, what nationality would you be today?

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It is time to take action to preserve the gift of Atatürk. His legacy is not just about his reforms, his legacy IS the Republic of Turkey.