Gulgun Aray Karamete (Board Member) is a professional actress and an acting instructor. Gulgun was born in Ankara Turkey and graduated from H.U. National Conservatory Theatre Department in 1992 and served as an actress for Turkish National Theatre for the following six years. She toured all around the country, appeared in various plays and hundreds of performances. She received her Master of Arts degree in Theatre from SUNY Albany New York in 2002 and taught Acting and Theatre History between 2000-2009 at SUNY Albany and she has adapted one of Checkov’s short stories, Anyuta, into a play. She has also appeared in TV-series “Yol Ayrimi” in Turkey. She is trained with Stanislavski method and enjoyed performing musicals and classical/modern drama at various theatre venues in Ankara, Istanbul, New York and Washington DC. She is currently teaching acting at Encore Stage Studios for various age levels and lives in Vienna VA.