Hudai Yavalar (Chairman, Founding President) a businessman and entrepreneur who arrived in the United States as a student in 1958. He studied at the Architectural Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul for one year before continuing his studies at Howard University where he graduated in 1963 with a degree in Structural Engineering. He earned a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from George Washington University in 1967. He wrote his Master’s Thesis on Earthquake Seismic designs for buildings. While pursuing his degrees, he worked full time for dif ferent construction companies and the DC Metro system. He was also involved in the building of satellite earth stations in different countries including the Philippines, Panama, Japan, and others. Mr. Yavalar established Oak Construction Inc. in 1975 which concentrates on residential and commercial real estate development.

He is the founder of Ataturk Society of America which was established in 1995. However, prior to 1995, he and his wife Mirat have been active in promoting Ataturk’s message and ideals both in the United States and Turkey.