Filiz Odabas Geldiay (Vice-President) is a founder and Vice President of Ataturk Society of America. She is the Executive Director of International Association for Human Values (IAHV), a UN NGO that implements humanitarian service projects globally. Previously an executive director of an international NGO, she organized World Children’s Day events at the UN General Assembly Hall annually attracted 1200 children from 141 countries. She was the Washington correspondent for the USA edition of Hurriyet and also published articles in the Washington Post and Nation’s Business. As a member of a speaking group, Odabas-Geldiay spoke about Ataturk’s reforms for Turkish women at many places including the State Department and the Harvard Club of Washington. Filiz Odabas-Geldiay received her MA in Communications and Conflict Management, BA in International Relations, both from the American University, following her studies at St. Aldates College in Oxford, UK. She is the recipient of American Hero award from American University, was nominated as People Who Make a Difference Award by Helena Rubinstein, Inc. and was honored with the Vishalakshi service award by the Art of Living Foundation. She teaches the Art of Living course in Washington, DC.