Tan Karamete (Junior Adviser) is a senior at James Madison High School. Growing up around the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, he prides himself with being an excellent skier. In pursuit of his passion of ski-racing, Tan left the mid-atlantic to study his sophomore year abroad at a boarding school in the Alpine region of southern Germany. During his year abroad, he learned much more than just how to ski better. Within months, he became fluent in German and integrated well into German society. Tan considers this point to be pivotal in his mental development. For the first time, he could view his two cultural backgrounds — Turkish and American — from a 3rd person perspective. From this new angle, he developed a greater appreciation and interest in the contributions the founding fathers of both nations had made to the long-term happiness and advancement of their peoples. Tan’s future plans include pursuing a degree in International Business and Finance.