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Online event for the centennial celebration of inauguration of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey   was held on Sunday, April 26, 1pm EST Guest speakers were Dr. Orhan Çekiç – Recipient of “Atatürk History of the Republic Award” & Dr. Yalçın Ayaslı – Recipient of “Atatürk Humanitarian Award” 23 Nisan Poem by Troy Destan Tosun ~ […]

Held on Sunday, November 10, 2019  8:45am

Celebrated 96th anniversary of the Republic, which the great genius Mustafa Kemal Atatürk called “my greatest work”! Atatürk gave freedom to a country under foreign occupation, created a nation and established laws of equal citizenship for everyone. Atatürk’s Republic means that the people have their own rule. It means freedom. Atatürk’s Republic is freedom of […]

Celebrated on Saturday, August 31, 2019,  12:00pm Gathering by the statue of Atatürk at the Sheridan Circle Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC USA

Celebration of the “Youth and Sports Day and Atatürk’s Birthday” took place on May 19, 2019 at the the historical Cosmos Club, Washington, DC. Adm. Cem Gürdeniz was the guest of honor.  He gave a speech on “Foundation of the Turkish Liberation and Mustafa Kemal”.  The celebration later followed by a classical music concert by […]

PEACE, WOMEN, SECURITY & SECULARISM This was the theme of the conference which was organized by The Light Millennium Organization, and co-sponsored by Ataturk Society of America – ASA, on April 11, 2019. The conference took place in New York. ASA’s founder and Executive Board member Mirat Yavalar gave a talk about “Laicism, and gender […]

18 Mart 1915, March 18 1915 Çanakkale Deniz Zaferi ve Şehitleri Anma Günü Bu savaşlarda ve bütün savaşlarda yurtları için canlarını veren aziz şehitlerimizin ruhları önünde saygıyla eğiliriz. Remembering victorious Atatürk, Seyit Onbaşı, Soldiers in 57th regiment (“57. Alay”) and other hereos who fought with great bravery against the occupying forces under the command of […]

Members of the Atatürk Society of America attended a presentation by the REN Foundationon on the Korean War and current state of affairs in the Far East.  Professor Shen Zhihua, China’s foremost Cold War historian was the quest speaker. His original research of Soviet and Chinese archives provides a unique perspective on the Korean War- […]

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