International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Atatürk Society of America recognizes this important day to encourage all girls to pursue their interests in science.  We select youth who has shown accomplishments in science and give awards.  Such awards to the youth are given during the celebrations of the Youth Day which signifies beginning of the war of independence and Atatürk’s birthday.  Atatürk spent a lot effort to elevate women’s standing in the newly established Republic and become equal to men by having the same laws and educational opportunities applied to them.

A well-educated woman, capable of being equal partner in life, contributing to both family and the society with dignity and self-confidence, was Ataturk’s vision for Turkish women.  With this vision, he introduced the following reforms:

  • Emphasis on Girls’ modern contemporary education and making primary education compulsory;
  • Making modern, contemporary schools co-educational so that girls could attend the same schools with boys;
  • Abolishment of carsaf and veil, allowing women to have the freedom to wear modern clothing;
  • Abolishment of the Sharia Law and replacement of it with the Swiss Civil Code which gave equality to men and women, andequal rights to women (1926);

Legal equality between the genders was instituted between 1926-1934 with changes in a multitude of rules and regulations. Voting rights were given in 1934.

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