United Nations Day – December 7, Aviation Day

The Future is in The Skies!

International Civil Aviation Day aims to develop and strengthen worldwide awareness on theimportance of international civil aviation, specifically as it aids social and economic development and enables cooperation among nations towards a transportation network in the service of all humankind.

The emphasis by the UN and world nations on international civil aviation has gained even greater momentum in the UN 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, as it has become clear that aviation is a singularly powerful engine to realize global connectivity while fostering global peace and prosperity.

This year, as it has been in the past 3 years, the theme of International Civil Aviation Day is working together to ensure no country is left behind. Safe and reliable air transport has significant socio-economic benefits to societies; and nations should be allowed to reap these benefits while addressing safety, security and emissions-related issues that have far-reaching global implications.

The Atatürk Society of America recognizes the importance of this day and celebrates the power of civil aviation. Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, was a strong proponent and supporter of aviation efforts far ahead of his time. Abidin Daver, a reporter from the Turkish Daily Cumhuriyet, expressed his disagreement when Atatürk observed, after watching the French Grand Maneuvers of 1910, that aircraft would play an important role in warfare in the future. It took only four years for air power to become a significant power in World War I, to the amazement of the reporter, who noted that Atatürk was prescient on the importance and future promise of airborne independence at the very inception of aviation.Atatürk said: “The future is in the skies. Nations who fail to protect their skies can never be sure of their tomorrows.”

While pointing out the importance of aviation and air power for a nation’s freedom and safety, Atatürk had nevertheless sought to empower and encourage civil aviation just as strongly. Indeed, the first bylaw of the Turkish Aeronautical Association –originally founded under Atatürk’s leadership as the Turkish Airplane Society— stated that the organization aims to teach the importance of military and civil aviation.
It is important for all nations to understand the role aviation plays in advancing societies andenabling sustainable development. It is also key for decision makers to enable nations to developand improve civil aviation capabilities, build sustainable use cases, and remove impediments tobroadening the benefits of civil aviation across nations. Ataturk Society supports the United Nations’ strong emphasis on civil aviation for sustainable development and encourages everyone to celebrate this powerful engine of global peace and prosperity.

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