October 29, 1923…. It is the date Turkey was declared to be a republic, and the great visionary leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was elected its first president. Mustafa Kemal’s strategic vision and his genius created a nation which was founded on the principals of freedom, democracy, secularism and the rule of law. He saw these as pillars for the Turkish Republic and for other nations to be at peace within themselves and with their neighbors in order to achieve his dream of “Peace at Home, Peace in the World.”
Atatürk entrusted the Republic of Turkey to the Turkish youth, stating that the sovereignty rests unconditionally with the nation. Since the foundation of the Republic, the Turkish youth has always protected and stood up for the founding principles of the Republic, and Atatürk’s reforms, which were based on rational and scientific values. The Turkish youth is committed to keep the Republic alive, and to raise it to new levels.
Once again, we remind to those who improperly make the mistake of keeping their “personal interests” and “political aspirations” over the interests of the nation, and to those who try to steer away the Turkish nation from the objectives in its founding philosophy, that the Turkish nation is determined to surpass all the hurdles, and become stronger by uniting around common values.
We are determined, we are hopeful and hardworking. We are the youth of Atatürk!
We remember and honor all those brave individuals who lost their lives for our freedom. We are forever grateful for their sacrifice.
And with great honor and excitement, we wish a Happy Republic Day to the Turkish Nation!