We strongly condemn the escalation of anti- Atatürkism by the AKP Government!

  • Displacement of the Presidential Streamer, removal of the Presidential office from the Mansion at Çankaya in an effort to downplay their historical values;
  • Initiation of plans for building a hotel, a touristic establishment and an Imam – Preacher High School Campus in the Botanic Gardens of “People’s Farm” in Yalova, which Atatürk bought with his own money and donated to the Turkish people in 1929;
  • Forbiddance of celebration of national holidays which are the symbols of Turkish Nation’s re-establishment, full independence and freedom…

All of these are futile attempts to force the Turkish Nation to forget Atatürk and the significant days in its history which symbolize success in becoming a nation. These attempts, in essence, only prove hostility towards the Turkish people.

It is unthinkable for any Turkish person with a national consciousness to withstand these extremely negative and hostile assaults, and be a spectator while Atatürk’s ideals are disrespected.
We demand these matters to be brought to the attention of the Turkish Grand Assembly as soon as possible, and full-scale investigations to be started.